Daily Life

Jim and the boys

Horn Showcase 2015 - Lawton, OK

Merry Christmas 2015 with Lily and the Longhorns

Work Day!

What makes being married work for us?
Every Sunday, at 4:30 PM, we ask each other if we would marry
each other again this week...and weighing all of life...ups and downs...
so far, we answer "I will."

Jim and JoEda at the 2016 TLBAA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Fort Worth, TX


Our newest little longhorn!
Grandson Callan

GiGi thinks these two are the sweetest things ever.

LWC 2015 - Oklahoma City

Truly...FAVORITE part of every day!

Sangria...Gentle, silly horse who let's our sweet
granddaughter, Lily, ride with just baling twine.

Three Generations of Oklahoma State University graduates...